Ultimate Power Profits / Global One

Very few times in your life there will be an opportunity for you which just cannot be missed and must be grabbed with both hands, Global One is such an opportunity. Everyone who joins is GUARANTEED to get paid every 6 days and it is very possible to get paid 500 or 1000 times a month.

global one

Global One actually went live on September 30th but the launch is being phased in over 3 phases.

Phase 1: There will be 10 days to give everyone plenty of time to get their e-wallet funded and set up.

Phase 2: On October 10th the compensation plans Spinfinity, Infinity and the Go Global profit pool will be started. Now Spinfinity cycles every 3 days so on October 13th the first Spinfinity “spin” will take place and by October 16th every member of Global One who is signed up and funded will have generated their first commissions. You will also have access to a lot of the tools like their Elements of Wealth course and all the software tools dependent on which level you join at.

Phase 3. On October 20th the first payments will be made. All the commissions that you have earned from Spinfinity, Infinity or the GO Global profit pool from October 10th on, will be be paid out.

At this point Global One will be fully launched and live, then, 100% of members will get paid twice out of every 9 day period.

In the very near future, new services and products will be added. So far we know about an IGo Shopping Mall and the Global One travel service. There will be plenty of others.

In its relatively short life the Global One / Paradigm Shift / Ultimate Profits website, as I write, has achieved a ranking of 723 at alexa.com. That makes it one of the 800 most visited sites in the whole world wide web. This can only improve and Global One will soon be challenging Facebook and Google!

Find out more about Global One – CLICK HERE

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Affiliate Link Organization

just another day

Do you have millions of affiliate links from different affiliate products, Network Marketing companies, training tools etc. ?

I bet you do … so do I!

That is why I looked for a way to organize them and make my life a lot easier!

Then I discovered subdomains.

A colleague of mine recently held a webinar with his personal team and when he showed this to them he was shocked at the amount of people that didn’t know anything about this technique!

So I thought I would pass it on to YOU! Maybe you are reading this article and don’t know about it!

If I help even 1 person from this blog post I will be happy!

I hope that is you!

Here is the video walk-through on exactly how to organize your affiliate links.

How to Forward Subdomains using Godaddy & Cpanel!

If you enjoyed this tip you will love our team and our masterminds!
Click below to partner up with us on our team!

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Get Rid Of Your Self Limiting Beliefs

self limiting beliefs

Have you ever anyone say “I can’t work my computer properly” or “I can’t sell anything” ?

Well my friends these are Self-Limiting beliefs!

By making statements like those you are actually telling your subconscious mind that you can’t do it and, what is more, will not even be open to learning how to do it!

It’s like having your foot on the brake when trying to drive. You may well want want to get to the destination but unconsciously you have your foot on the brake!

In this video Mike explains self limiting beliefs more in more depth. Enjoy!

Now I want you to change your thinking and say “I CAN make money online
then click here

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Morning Ritual Habit

morning ritual

I wanted to share something with you that my mentor Mike does daily!

…He calls it his morning ritual!

He actually didn’t even come up with it but modified it based on a couple trainings he went through from Tony Robbins “Hour of Power” and an Eben Pagan course on productivity!

…He found that by doing this Morning Ritual he has more energy, he gets better results in his business & he just feels great all day!

You will be surprised by just doing this one action how much better your day is!

…People tend to set their day off by what happens in the morning. If you wake up and stub your toe most the time you end up having a bad time for the rest of the day (if you don’t know how to turn it around)!

By doing a Morning Ritual you can set your day right and put yourself in a successful mindset and attract what you deserve in your business!

My motto is that if it is good enough for such a successful online marketer then it is well worth a try.

Watch Mike’s video where he walks you through his exact Morning Ritual here:

Click here to find out about the successful business Mike is mentoring me in. He will do the same for you as well.

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List Building Feedback – Review

List Building Feedback

List Building Feedback is another product out of the Kevin Fahey stable.

I have worked with Kevin ever since I started to seriously make money online by building my list, and he has been a tremendous help to me. All the products he has introduced into the internet marketing marketplace have helped me to make money online.

I have been fortunate enough to get a review copy of List Building Feedback and, when you try to exit this page, you will see it in action!!

List Building Feedback is basically a plugin which can be used on your website in any niche to increase your affiliate commissions and/or to build your list quickly.
It is unique right now because it can work as an exit splash page to promote your products, lead to a splash page to capture your leads or as a survey to get your visitor’s comments.

How List Building Feedback could help you

You can have many different exit splash designs and configurations to suit your requirements on different pages or posts within your site.

In other words, you can promote an Amazon product on one post, collect leads from another post or show a You Tube video on another.

There is an easy to use dashboard where you can set up and control your exit pop ups and, as I always find with Kevin’s products, there is plenty of training videos and the support is excellent.

You can have the exit showing on every page or just the home page.

You can adjust the font size color etc etc to whatever will be best to attract your customers.

List Building Feedback will link into all the major autoreaponders. All you need to do is to copy and paste the HTML code that your autoresponder company gives you, it really is that simple.

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Work Hard And Play Hard – That’s My Motto

costa rica

Do you like that old saying that I remember from many years ago?

Unfortunately in the world as it is today, so many people have to spend so much time working on their job or business that they do not get enough spare time to really enjoy their “play”.

That certainly is not true of the good people who have built their Empower Network businesses to the level that they just got to enjoy a fantastic “vacation” in Costa Rica.

One of the many highlights at this recent Empower Network “Masters Retreat” was without a doubt the amazing Catamaran Party. Here is an exclusive behind the scenes video on the Catamaran sailing the beautiful waters of Costa Rica with the most badass online marketers on planet Earth.

Pretty gangsta huh?
Can you picture yourself partying it up with us at our next retreat?
Our next event is less than 30 days away in San Diego…
…and there will be a private yacht for those who place in the top 25 in our affiliate contest.
The power of events are absolutely life changing.
They are so powerful that Justin Verrengia’s online income literally went from about $10,000 in June to $42,162 in July…
…simply because he showed up to our last event “Dont Be A Wussy 2012? in Atlanta.
In the video below are my badass Empower Network teammates…

Adam Whiting & Mike Hobbs Reveal The Key to Success In Costa Rica

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Life Saved By The Inner Circle

save a life-today

Recently there was an Empower Network Costa Rica “Masters Retreat

Imagine how people benefited from hanging out in an exotic all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste Costa Rica with 100 or so marketing masters from all over the world.

There were some secrets that normally don’t get talked about, leaders to connect with and a new vision to build and some incredible success stories.

For example – something I don’t talk about a lot, is a side affect from a mentoring program we have called “The Inner Circle” where we break down the structure of marketing magic in a way that’s easy to understand.

As a side affect, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a moment in life where you realize something, make a decision, and have a transformation in your life.

Scott made a decision that literally saved his life. (see exclusive video below)

While David Sharpe was training, Aki Wood pulled my emntor aside, and told him about a guy in the audience (Scott) who LITERALLY said that the Inner Circle saved his life.

He had written his story down on a napkin, and as he talked, he was looking down, visibly shaking.

He shared a story about how he was driving down the road with stolen medical supplies, headed towards his home where he was going to take his own life.

Then all of a sudden, traffic stopped. Stuck behind a mile of honking cars, Scott realized that he couldn’t kill himself on the freeway, so he turned on an audio training from the Inner Circle, and heard something that didn’t change his life – it saved it.

What he learned was the secret. —- The same secret you can learn When you click here.

He turned the medical supplies back in, and made a decision – a new decision – that he was not only worthy of greatness – that he was going to take action immediately.

As he shared the secret, and how it had saved his life, 100 people rose to their feet, on the ocean side of Costa Rica, roaring with applause – not at what they had just learned – at the story of victory from this man – who at the brink of suicide, rose from the ashes – and now you can, too.

Get started now here …and start earning 100% commissions today!

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Use Banners Again With WPBannerBuster

WPBannerBuster and WPSlideBuster are WordPress plugins which are just being launched as I write this. They have been written by Kevin Fahey, who is the co founder of the Elite Group and Robert Brown.

Ten years ago simply putting a banner on your website simply guaranteed a flood of traffic to your website. It did not have to be anything special, it just had to be there.

More recently however, website visitors seem to suffer from banner blindness, they don’t even notice them.

Kevin and Robert have addressed this issue in a very impressive way in this WP Banner Buster plugin.

You can see it in work on this site, I bet you did not miss these banners!

This WordPress plugin is very flexible. Here are some of the options:
1. you can change the offers you promote
2. you can change the size of the banner holder bos
3. you can change the wording on the text holder
4. you can change the delay time before each banner appears
5. you can have it not appearing at all.

This plugin will result in 10s or even 100s more people clicking on your links when they appear in this way.

It is being offered as a dime sale with an increasing price so, hurry up and check it out, it will never be cheaper than it is now.

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The Secret To Professional Internet Marketing

magnetic sponsoring

Do you treat your business seriously?

Have you ever seen those people that join your business, super excited, just got their first signup and they couldn’t be more EXCITED!

Then the next week their top guy quit, they got a few no’s and all of a sudden they are ready to quit!

…It actually happens a lot in our industry. I attribute it to one thing! They base all their actions off emotion!

That is why this video was created.

…It explains how to overcome this emotional roller coaster and why a true professional would never get caught up in this mindset!

If you want to check out the book just click on Magnetic Sponsoring

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Why Do We Work So Hard?

Sometimes we wonder “why” we should work so hard on our business, why we should blog daily, why we should learn, study and build our businesses!

Watch this video and understand why you can be great!

Work more on your Job/business you will earn a living, work more on yourself and you will earn a fortune!” ~Jim Rohn~


The only thing left is to decide which business suits you best.

One that I recommend is The EZ Money Method – Click here to find out how it works

It has a built in front end to get you making some money that you can use to advertise more and then some excellent programs to actually make you lots of money.

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